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Find updates, thoughts, event notices, or short message from Pastor Tim in his weekly blog posts. 

Friday Thoughts from Pastor Tim - March 17

Dear Church Family –

Every day we hear news we seem unable to do anything about. But this coming Sunday we will be able to do something about one of the biggest news stories of the past year—the war in Ukraine.

  • We know we can always pray—and should. Prayer focuses the power of God in places we are unable to physically go.

  • We know our Christian life and witness and family makes a difference where we are, and spreads the light of Christ.

  • We know sending missionaries, or going as a missionary, is the best thing we can do.

  • In Wednesday’s email, Bitty Wiebe did a great job of helping us with the emotions we feel when we hear the news.

But sometimes, we wish we could do more, and be more personally involved.

Well, this Sunday we can. This Sunday we will be receiving an offering that will go to a fund called “Help Ukraine,” that our missionaries, Chad and Leanna Wiebe help administrate and distribute. In the first year of war this fund has been used to help the millions of refugees with numerous food distribution projects. They have purchased vans to transport refugees to safety and to distribute aid. They have purchased numerous generators for areas where the power is out. The fund has paid for church rooms to be converted to house refugees or to create rooms where people can come to get warm, recharge their devices, and hear a gospel message while they are there. In fact, all of the projects funded have been done by local churches and Christians in Ukraine who link the aid given with sharing the gospel and making disciples.

Last year we received an offering for the Help Ukraine fund and you gave generously! Sunday, we’ll be receiving a second offering to help continue the great work Chad and Leanna are doing there into the second year of war.

We are so thankful to have Chad and Leanna on the job, already knowing the language and culture and already having strong and good connections with churches and Christian leaders in Ukraine. We pray for them to have strength, wisdom, courage, opportunities, and safety.

And we’re so grateful for each of you giving your prayers and gifts and efforts to “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations,” (Matt 28:19).

Judith and I had a good, enjoyable, and refreshing three day “vacationette” this week. Special thanks to Bitty Wiebe for writing our “thoughts” email this past Monday and Wednesday. I appreciated her thoughts and found them personally meaningful.

We’re looking forward to Sunday! In addition to receiving the offering for Ukraine relief, we’ll also be hearing a report from Victory Bible Camp in Alaska, where our missionaries Doug and Crystal Thiessen ministered. And, Dr. Alexander Granados, President of Calvary University in Kansas City, will be bringing the morning message from God’s Word, “The Blessings of Wisdom.”

It will be a big Sunday in Emmaus life! See you then – Pastor Tim

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