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Friday Thoughts from Pastor Tim - May 26

Dear Church Family –

It’s going to be an exciting Sunday at Emmaus Church! Ten people will be baptized to demonstrate their faith in Christ and commitment to follow Christ. We’ll also be talking about baptism and how it is a spiritual landmark. It’s a significant step for those being baptized, and it’s a good time for all of us to think about the fixed point of our baptism and see if we’ve drifted.

How do you know if you’re drifting? Relationship to a fixed point.

As we represent Christ in our world and our families there are two great spiritual dangers that are silent and unseen but deadly—the danger of drifting, and the danger of being trapped.

I thought of that earlier this week when I read Psalm 141 in my devotions.

Verse 4 – “Don’t let me drift toward evil.”

Verse 9 – “Keep me from the traps they have set for me.”

There’s no question that our American society has drifted far from God and been trapped by the cunning of Satan. That’s why it’s all the more important for us to check up and make sure we’re not drifting or becoming trapped. That’s why we need the fixed points of Bible engagement, Church involvement, and remembering our commitment to Christ. That’s one of the purposes of baptism.

So, Sunday we’ll be rejoicing with those being baptized, checking our own commitment, and praising God for His work in the lives of people in our church.

God is at work at Emmaus Church, in fresh and powerful ways. You’ll hear that in the testimonies Sunday morning and see it in the folks who sit around you. God is trusting us as a church to fan into flame the gifts He has given us, and to exercise our strengths of Bible, Family, and Missions.

Thank you for your joy in the Lord and His mighty deeds! Psalm 141 is not only a prayer against drifting and being trapped. It is also a prayer with the positive antidote to drifting and being trapped…

Verse 8 – “I look to You for help, O Sovereign Lord. You are my refuge…”

See you Sunday! – Pastor Tim

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