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Monday Thoughts from Pastor Tim - February 5

Dear Church Family –


The Grace and Truth balance is a difficult one.  Jesus, the sinless Son of God, was full of both (John 1:14), but we sinful humans tend to lean toward one or the other.


The recent controversy over Alistair Begg might be a good measure.  Popular Bible teacher Alistair Begg encouraged a grandmother to attend a grandchild’s wedding that involved a transgender person.  American Family Radio dropped Alistair Begg’s program because of that.


If you find yourself leaning toward Alistair Begg’s view, you’re probably on the grace side of the Grace/Truth balance.  If you find yourself cheering on AFR, you’re probably on the truth side of the balance.  Hopefully, you can see some truth on both sides.


We need each other in the Body of Christ to help maintain our balance.  Let me suggest some random thoughts to help us.

  • Alistair Begg likened attending a gay wedding to Jesus eating and drinking with sinners.  But those two are not the same.  There is nothing inherently wrong with sharing a meal with a sinner.  There is something inherently wrong with celebrating a gay wedding.

  • Alistair Begg has a point.  We should find ways of connecting with people who need to hear and see the gospel.  We shouldn’t barricade ourselves from sinful people and the realities of the world we live in.  The key is to find ways to connect that do not affirm or celebrate their sin.

  • Jesus said, “In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” (Matt 7:12).  We grow in Christ and truth at different rates.  Someone near you may not be at the same place you are in your understanding of truth.  And, we all make mistakes and hope others will give us grace.

  • Secular culture, in any time and place, will always insist that Christians give on some area of truth.  That’s the precise point where we need to NOT give.  And that’s the point of challenge—to find the balance of grace and truth.

Not long ago, one of our church family sent me a great statement.

“Grace without truth is meaningless.

Truth without grace is mean.”


Growing, learning, and serving with you. – Pastor Tim

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