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Monday Thoughts from Pastor Tim - January 9

Dear Church Family -

Suddenly, last Monday night, it was OK to pray, on national television, at an NFL game. When Damar Hamlin nearly died on the field, prayer became the topic of conversation. Signs and social media posts called for us to “pray for Damar.” ESPN commentators actually prayed for Damar on air. NFL players across the league prayed for him and for each other.

That tells us something significant about human beings—when we face death, or a crisis too hard for us to handle, we instinctively turn to God.

Of course we could debate whether or not people are praying to the true God, and whether they are praying in faith or just “rubbing a lucky charm,” but I’m glad to see that at least for a few minutes, our nation was drawn to God and our need for Him.

Emmaus is a praying church—and not just in times of crisis. We devote significant time to prayer in our Sunday morning services. Our church elders meet specifically for prayer every Sunday morning. Just yesterday, two different people shared with me significant answers to prayer in their life. That is a common occurrence. And, we have two corporate prayer meetings on Wednesdays—one for our Senior members in the afternoon, and one for everyone in the evening.

We are blessed by those of you who faithfully come out on Wednesday nights to pray. Thank you. While we appreciate what we have been doing, our church elders have had a desire to refresh and reinvigorate our Wednesday night prayer meeting. Starting this coming Wednesday, the first corporate prayer meeting of the new year, we’re going to try some new things and see how God might use them.

We’ll start at 7pm with some worship through music to draw our hearts to God. Then I’ll lead us in some time in God’s Word and one of our elders will direct our prayer time with segments of prayer for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication (asking). We hope to see many of you there.

Yesterday morning, I suggested a prayer for the New Year. It was written by Joni Eareckson Tada. You might want to memorize it, our write it out to use as your Bible marker, or in your prayer journal, or to tape on your bathroom mirror.

“Father God, enable me to bear up under my burden by Your grace. Help me to remember that You have handpicked my circumstances to accomplish Your purposes for my life. May I humbly submit to Your choice for me.”

See you Wednesday! – Pastor Tim

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